Bloom Law has long-standing expertise in tax, social fraud and money laundering cases. We represent clients who are both suspected and victims of fraud. We conduct negotiations with the tax and social inspection authorities and with the Public Prosecution Service, and defend clients in fraud cases both in civil and criminal court. Moreover, the expertise of Bloom Law’s lawyers in this area is not just limited to practice. They have also built up considerable expertise academically.


Bloom partner Michel Maus teaches Tax Criminal Law at VUB, and he was the expert of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee into the Great Fiscal Fraud Dossier. He was also for a time a member of the cabinet of Secretary of State for Fraud Prevention John Crombez during the Di Rupo government. Michel Maus also delivered the opening speech at the opening of the judicial year in Bruges, advocating a reform of the tax fraud system.

Michel Maus is also the author of the book White is the New Black, Plea for a Reform of the Fiscal Sanctioning System. Michel Maus is also the initiator of the tax and social fraud study cycle.